Crimp on ring terminals spade terminals female disconnects at good prices

Let's look at some of the low prices that we offer: 1000 Blue 16-14 AWG ring terminals, #10 stud for $54.55 or 1000 Yellow 12-10 AWG spade terminals, #10 stud for only $73.95 or how about a 1001 piece terminal kit for only $103.95

Whether you buy your crimp electrical connectors 100 at a time, or your company manufactures or repairs equipment and purchases bags of 1000 insulated terminals at a time, is your source for electric terminals.

All of the spade connectors and quick disconnect terminals you find at are the highest quality. All of our electrical connectors are UL certified. Additionally you will find that they are:

  • Manufactured with Electrolytic Copper

  • Electroplated with Tin for Corrosion Resistance

  • Wire Range Stamped on Connectors as well as Color Coded on insulated Parts

  • Butted Seams will Prevent Splitting

  • Rated 600 Volts

World Class Customer Service!
Offering Low prices is the start of our commitment to customer service. 99% of orders ship within a business day of your order. Flat rate shipping, $7.00 for any order makes it less expensive to order a bag of flag terminals, you save the labor costs of trying to find the quantity and size you need. Run into a problem with your order? Let us know and we will solve it quickly and efficiently.

In todays business world, the path to lowest cost delivery is specialization. achieves lowest cost because we focus exclusively on electrical terminal connectors. We stock most types of ring terminal and we will special order components with lower demand and ship with just a short delay.

Wire terminals aren't glamorous, and terminal kits aren't sexy. It's difficult to get attention on the internet for butt connectors, so we have to do it the old fashioned way...... Lowest pricing for bullet connectors, top notch service when delivering piggyback terminals, and the best quality terminals and connectors that are certified by Underwriters Labs, and don't forget the selection of solderless electric terminals that you need most often.

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